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International Direct Children Care


Video from the school in Bselya, Syria




Aid delivery to Greece, October 2017




Revitalization of a Primary School in Bselya, rural Idleb, Syria



With the campaign "Back to School" 250 children started their school lessons on July 11, 2017.



Interviews and training courses for the teachers.




Support of a primary school near Idlib, Syria, June 2017



Because of the civil war in the Idleb region in Syria for more than 6 years, the civil and public infrastructure is completely broken, especially in the countryside. There are no more organisations that support the people. The education system in the rural areas around Idleb is in a terrible condition. Schools don’t get any support by the government and for many children it’s impossible to visit schools because of the war.


Therefore, we want to continue to run a primary school in Besillia together with our partner organization (Violet Orgnaisation).
The main goal of the primary school is to enable 300 children (175 girls, 125 boys) to visit the school regularly until the sixth class. Another goal is to offer a clean and secure environment for the pupils.

The school is furnished and equipped with working technology. Further, the school offers a modern pedagogic teaching with videos and workshops. The children receive an age-appropriate education and the biggest gaps get closed.




Refugee Conference in Frankfurt, February 2017




Representatives of the VSPM participated at the Refugee Conference “Awakening of the Church” in Frankfurt, organized by the Protestant Church of Hesse and Nassau. Mohamad Hadid (Head of International Projects) established new connections to other organizations. Guest participants were Reiner Günter and Angelika Sturm.




Christmas help in Greece



Shortly before Christmas the VSPM e.V. brought once again equipment for the 2nd refugees‘ flat in Greece.

The following articles are still urgently required:


  • 2 quilts
  • 1 child mattress and bedding for child
  • 1 E-cooker
  • Cutlery and pots
  • 1 little high-level chair
  • Nappies (in different sizes)
  • Washing powder, shower gel, and shampoo
  • Rollators

In case you don’t need one of the above mentioned objects anymore and want to make them available for a good cause, we are glad about your gift. We will deliver it to the ones in need.




Delivery of relief supplies to the German-Haitian cultural association and relief organisation in Salzgitter



On December 19, 2016, we will make another tour with furniture for the next refugee's flat.


Transport of relief supplies to Greece , December 2016



Our coordinator for international aid Mr. Hadid came along on a get-to-know tour of our international partners in Greece.
The VSPM e.V. handed over beds for handicapped children and relief goods. Mr. Hadid also joined the Christmas bazaar of the Protestant church of German language in Thessaloniki.
He also visited a refugee camp to get an overview of the current situation.
The VSPM e.V. continues to take a stand for the rights of the poorest in the world.


5. Transport of relief supplies with the help of the International Direct Children Care transporter of the VSPM, December 5-9, 2016


Experience report of our visit of the refugees camp Softex, November 9, 2016

On the way to the refugee's camp Softex, in the industrial zone of Thessaloniki, I got my first impressions of refugees. The closer I approached the camp, the more refugees met me. I recognised immediately that it was something different compared to the "normal" inhabitants from Greece. What differences could you recognise? Mostly, it were the shoes they were wearing. Instead of suitable shoes, their feet were often in too big or too small slippers.

This camp hasn’t struck me at first. As Holger parked the transporter, it was not aware to me how near the camp was actually. A wire netting fence with a green tarpaulin over it did not reveal what lies behind. At one place the fence was cut open and rolled up to make a small entrance.

First we have gone to the camp without our pockets and just with the things for the refugees to orientate ourselves. I didn’t know where I should look at first. To our right stood 4 portable toilets which were recently put up. The ground was very dusty. All tents were arranged in rows. Children jumped around everywhere. In spite of her hopeless situation they seemed to have found their way with it. They played - almost happily - with each other.

We searched for the young girl and her baby for who we prepared some  clothes. In general the women examined us very exactly, with a curious but friendly look.

We walked first to the warehouse in which a large part of the tents stood. Many new tents were built up everywhere. For the preparation of the winter tarpaulins were fastened over them.

Some women have been created fireplaces with stones above which they can make food. Like we already know, the food of the caterer is inedible. A woman filled a pot with a white bucket with the writing UNHCR on it. These buckets were in front of all tents. She used the remaining water to wash her face. On our way back we saw full pots with different vegetables in it.

A small boy was more interested in us than the others. He caught Holger's hand and moved his arm all the time. He tried to inform us of something and then suddenly ran away. Short time later he came back again and wanted to give Holger 2 Euros which Holger did not accept of course. Then he asked Holger, "What's your name?" and also fancied himself. Holger was making fun with the small boy. He also asked Johanna and me for our name and fancied. Then, he turned again to Holger, and as Holger said to him clearly "Stop!“ because it became a little bit too much. He was quite sour about that and could hardly accept this.

Then we arrived at the official entrance. On the left from us were two containers of the military, some soldiers sat in front of them. To our right was the shell of a building in which also some refugees sat. In front of it were some garbage containers. Directly on the right in the outside wall wash basins were fastened, next to it were 6 portable toilets and beside  the toilets, if one can call them so, were two containers with solar showers. Two solar panels were fastened on the containers.

Several people sat in front of the warehouse.  One of the men cut another person the hair. It seemed as if the people had come to an arrangement with the situation anyhow. The impression was confirmed to me when we went to the hall. Long ways with many tents perfectly in row were ordered. Things were hung to the dry about the ropes by the tents. We saw many states of young people in whom they all sell to possible things. According to Johanna and Jochen this has lately changed very much, too. Meanwhile one can buy all kind of possible food - eggs, potatoes, noodles, waters and more. There are even chips to buy. At the beginning there were only cigarettes and freshly prepared Falafel.

I have seen an about 10 year-old boy who has cooked there also something. In recollection, his expression which looked anything but happy has remained to me. Many people walked around there. I have tried to look to make them in order to myself an impression about her mind situation. Some had quite contented expressions, while other looked quite unhappily and stressed. The things of the people, in particular those of the children, were very filthy everybody. I have some boys who were observed maybe 6 years old with like they have tried to open a glass of jam. They had considerable difficulties with it, however, one of the kids was firmly persuaded of the fact that he makes it and has not surrendered. Actually, I would have opened it with pleasure for him, because they were standing just one metre from us, however, I wasn’t sure how they would react, therefore, I left this first.

The employees of a catering company unloaded food, there was a small queue of the people who waited longingly for food. Johanna has gone forward a little further to look what they make to eat. A change has struck directly her: now they have got, in addition, an apple. Because, unfortunately, also Ali with his family was not there, we have run back slowly again and now have also considered what exactly we should bring inside and for whom without causing too much excitement.

On the way back I observed a small boy, maybe 3 years old, who ran around in too big sandals and had some difficulties with it.

It was nice to see a soldier who sat before the containers with 3-4 refugees and involved in an apparently normal conversation with them. Younger refugees, around 12 years, called us behind "Hello friend, how are you? What's your name?" as us to the car ran, were direct with the exit two small boys with too big shoes.

Now we packed up some things, only one pocket completely, so that we are not overrun. We could distribute eggs, shoes and some hygiene articles and little glasses for children to some women and children. There came more and more refugees who assembled round us and also wanted to have somewhat of us. However, the number kept to a certain extent and it was easy to grasp. They have respected themselves to our instructions not to reach in the pocket, and have hurried up. The happy expression was indescribable, however, the disappointed faces were also heart-breaking as our bag became emptier and emptier. Toothpaste and soap were not very popular, shoes were asked for very much. A woman stood before us in socks and has asked us for shoes, however, unfortunately, we had to say her that we have no more, with the next spot, however, which will bring.

Then we went back to the car followed by a group of 5 children. When we were back in our car a boy came to us, looked at us with big eyes, and asked „Finished?“ When we affirmed, the children ran disappointedly back inside the camp and we proceeded to go home.

Annalena Croce



4. Transport of relief supplies with the help of the International Direct Children Care transporter of the VSPM, July 27 – August 4, 2016


Thanks to the high willingness to donate of our fellow citizens in the Hanauer region our drivers go again to Greece.



The goods urgently used by our partner organisation VIOLET (milk powder, water purification arrangement) on the way to a children home close to Aleppo, Syria.



3. Transport of relief supplies with the help of the International Direct Children Care transporter of the VSPM, July 9 – 20, 2016


Again, our transporter arrived well and without problems in Thessaloniki.

This time many clothes were among the donations. We like to thank the donors, especially the many donations from Hammersbach.




The bad conditions inside the refugee camps and many calls for help from the camps have motivated us to get in touch with UNHCR and other refugee organizations. We are committed to improving the situation in the refugee camps in Greece. In addition to deficiency symptom among childhood, diseases are not adequately treated. Our staff distributed fruits among the children.


2. Transport of relief supplies with the help of the International Direct Children Care transporter of the VSPM, June 9 – 13, 2016

With our new transporter of the International Direct Children Care we bring a lot of relief supplies to our cooperation partner – the Protestant church of German language in Thessaloniki.

Among other things, we supply single and bunk beds, mattresses, duvets, towels, tables, a refrigerator and stove, and other things that people need for their everyday life.

This is used by the Protestant church in Thessaloniki to furnish apartments and thus takes refugees and refugee families from the street.

According to our motto: Direct aid, which helps people immediately.

We wish our driver a safe journey.

Moving house of the refugees, June 15, 2016



1. Transport of relief supplies: Idlip, Syria, May 6-18, 2016; Idomeni, Greece, May 18 – 22, 2016


Our transporters for the International Direct Children Care to send relief supplies


We wish our drivers a safe trip!


On the border in Edine, Turkey, 2nd and 3rd overnight stay


Handing over of the relief supplies for Idomeni

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