Underage and unaccompanied foreigners in Breitenborn


A place for the future



The living group in Gründau-Breitenborn offers seven underage and unaccompanied refugees a safe and supporting environment. The VSPM e.V. has created a stable place for teenagers, where a room for the future grows.
The teenagers get supported by 4 qualified supervisors. The goal is to develop a succeeding, independent lifestyle for the teenagers with the coming of age.

Target group are female and male teenagers who are 12 years or older and motivated for the process of integration.
The home has 260 square metres and accomodates seven teenagers, with two baths, kitchen, living and eating area, cellar with washhouse and hobby room, patio, and garden.

The association offers a 24-hour care, while the teenagers are supported in the everyday coping and leisure activities and receive a German language course. The responsible personals accompany them in the asylum procedure and education, co-operate with legal guardians and professional places and accompany them up to the process of living with an independent group. The association works together here with local doctors, therapists, and the teenage welfare department.


Im Steingeröll 25
63584 Gründau Breitenborn
Phone: +49 (0)6058/2039661
E-Mail: umFBreitenborn@vspm.info


Contact for a place allocation:
Jochen Mahnke
Phone: +49 (0)151/58563860, +49 (0)6185/8999552, or Fax: +49 (0)6185/8999225


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