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Search for peace and a safe future



At the moment 36 underage and unaccompanied refugee teenagers between 13 and 17 years old live in St. Georg. 15 pedagogues and 3 home economic workers care for the teenagers who fled from Eritrea, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Libya.


The teenagers live in single and double bedrooms on 3 levels with separated bathrooms, a huge dining room, and a room with different games like billiard, table soccer, and a cinema room.


The VSPM e.V. offers support with the teenagers’ every day needs like meal preparation, health care, German lesson, contact with schools, help with the asylum procedure, activities like weight training, as well as the cooperation with professional places and external bearers, associations, and the town of Bad Soden-Salmünster.



Visiting a football game in Frankfurt


Special event after the successful participation in the DFB project “Advantage”.
Visiting the game Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Werder Bremen in the im Commerzbank Stadion on April 7 will be an unforgettable memory.




Great time at the hip hop workshop, April 2017

German hip-hop dance champion of 1999 and professional teacher Salvo Grillo held a hip hop workshop for the teenagers of St. Georg. The event was a welcome change.




Carnival 2017 in Bad Orb


Getting to know tradition while having lots of fun. Varied activities on Carnival Monday in Bad Orb.




Project: Advantage!

Associations and refugees work together for a great football future.


This was the motto for the teenagers of the home for young people in St. Georg who participated in Aufenau (sports place SV Melita).
This kind of project is unique in Germany and is sponsored by the government office for political education, DFB Culture Foundation, and the program “Integration through sports” of Sports Youth of Hesse.
In Aufenau the project is managed by the program “Sport for refugees” of the city of Wächtersbach and the Ministry of Hesse for Interior Affairs and Sports.
The invitation was issued by Mr. Volkmann, sport coach of Wächtersbach.
The teenagers learned some theory about football, associations, and structurs. Every participant received lots of informative material.




Enjoying the winter service


On Sunday our boys have made winter service in Bad Soden-Salmünster.
The service includes snow clearing and spreading of salt to prevent icing.



Christmas party, December 28, 2016



Many thanks for a great Christmas party with wonderful presents and thanks to the restaurant "Zum Müntal" in Bad Soden-Salmünster for their fantastic hospitality.
Furthermore, we like to thanks the great team of the VSPM e.V. for their work to organise this festive evening.



Project Evening Disco


Pop and oriental songs with DJ Benahm and the voice of Maxi Steindl.



The event on November 5, 2016, in St. Georg with DJ Benahm from Schöneck and Maxi Steindl from Frankfurt brought great joy.
Many friends of the underage refugees and the whole staff came and partied.
Mr. Mahnke was also in Bad Soden-Salmünster and even on the dancefloor.
With dancing, music, and good food, prepared by our colleagues, the mood was very good. The friendships which had already been formed in Hasselroth (the first location of the VSPM) could be refreshed again.
One could just feel the joy.



Project "Kehrwoche" on September 24, 2016



Today, Saman, Abdel, Anan, Ramin, Mahmoud, Karim, Jawad, Sayed Ali Reza, Adnan, Jamsheid, Fahim, and Ali Asghar were told about the duties of the citizens in the municipality, especially about the "Kehrwoche" (cleaning week).
The participants were very much interested and afterwards the sidewalks and the stairs were swept together. The front door got cleaned as well, the weed was plucked in the front garden and on the ways, and the garbage place was cleaned.
In the sunny autumn weather, the work was a lot of fun. People who passed by took up the conversation and praised the boys for their work.






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