Living and Family Groups


Care of disadvantage children


Currently, the VSPM e.V. has three different living and family groups for disadvantage children and unaccompanied and underage refugees.


Furthermore, we offer teenagers, who are not able to stay at home anymore and like to start an independent life, the ability to manage their own life through our concept of assisted living.



In the living and family groups, it is important to grow a positive relationship with the children and teenagers as it is important to teach them the compliance of rules. They should do their duties, visit school regularly and grow a positive life. Cultivation of social contacts is really important, especially in regards to establish socio-emotional capacities.


Besides, they learn to deal with money – their own and common property, they learn to be responsible with their own body and own matters and the construction of a healthy I-identity.

The single individual with his talents should be promoted; well-balanced leisure activities need to be adapted to the children’s needs. Growing a healthy frustration tolerance is also part of the program.
Moreover, a clear educational behaviour with an orientation phase is necessary for the work in the living and family groups of the association, in each case with consideration of the loading capacity of the children or teenager.


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