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Use of the donation



If you donate to the VSPM you will stay informed about the use of it. Once a year you will get a booklet with information about our projects.

Every project follows strict rules. Every year an independent auditor examines the detailed annual accounts. We check the report and makes clear that the money was used in the right way. Furthermore, we document every project with regular reports.

The VSPM e.V. informs their donors about the use of the money and the current work on a regular base. If you don’t want to receive each publication we will respect that wish.

For dedicated donation we guarantee to use the donations only in the dedicated occasion. In case there is more money donated than expected, it will be used in another way. However, we will still use it for an occasion that is similar to the one the donation was dedicated to.



Donation Receipt and data protection

Once a year, the VSPM issues a donation receipt. If you want a donation receipt especially for your donation you have to let us know. There is no transmission of your personal data. If a company contacts you and says that they got your data from our association, we will initiate legal measures.


Advertising and administrative expenses

18.8% of the operational expenditure is put into advertisement and public relations. Among those belong direct marketing, donation service and reports, legate fundraising and execution, marketing and campaign advertisement.

The administrative expenses were 7.4% of the operational expenditure in 2015. This is put together by account staff, administration staff, installation and support of the IT-system, and operating costs.
If you have more questions about the expenses we can inform you more detailed.

We don’t pay commission; we try to do all the work by our own staff. For special orders we charge service providers or agencies. We try to keep the prices as low as possible and a lot of times we get prices 20-50% below the regular price.


Controlling within the association

There are two different checking devices: the general meeting and the directorate. The general meeting is the supreme institution which decides about question of principle, enacts amendments to the articles of association, votes the members of the directorate and discharges the secretary. The duty of the directorate is to control and advise the secretary.


For questions you can call us any time: +49 (0)6185/8993771 or send us an E-Mail:



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