Meeting with Friends


Open cultural meeting place in Hammersbach


The VSPM e.V. opened a free open cultural meeting place called "Meeting with Friends". We offer our visitors a variety of possibilities.

You can participate at a workshop in the kitchen. You get to know different specialties from different countries. We also have a room where we offer different workshops like language. Course instructors organise social projects and interesting information events about contemporary issues.
Furthermore, there is a playroom for children so they can play while their parents participate at a workshop. In the multimedia room you find learning material, you have access to the internet, and the possibility to read. If you need someone to talk to, our pedagogues have an open ear anytime. In the reception area you can make appointments or specify your wishes.

In the premises of the open cultural club we welcome dinners and play afternoons as well as meetings between integration experts and refugees with information about contracts, financial advice, online orders, garbage separation, and assistance for the occupational planning for youngsters.
Young refugees can become active - we support the visit of associations and sports events. Common cooking of different cultures is on our agenda as well as a regular meeting café for the exchange of ideas, to plan enterprises, and for getting to know each other.
The club wants to offer aid to self-aid – therefore a German teacher holds weekly lessons.
Furthermore, in the focus is the mutual exchange, invitation for parties, travelling and bicycle tours, swimming, creative afternoons and narrative afternoons, visits to the mayor Michael Göllner, and a lot more!



The open cultural meeting place is located in:
Langenbergheimerstraße 28
63546 Hammersbach
Phone: +49 (0)6185/8993771


Open hours:
Mo- Fr. 8:30-16:30
Saturday and Sunday on request



Christmas Fair Marköbel, November 26-27, 2016



Visit of the SPD Group



Within the scope of their summer program "No break in the summer break" members of the SPD party Hammersbach and guests have visited the VSPM e.V. in the last week of the holidays.
Manager Jochen Mahnke received the social democrats in the premises of the association in the Langenbergheimerstrasse in Marköbel.

After a tour through the rooms and a look at the equipment, Mr. Mahnke explained the goals and the work of the association to his guests. Then, there was more than one hour left for questions and an exchange about the difficulties and problems, but also the great success in the different fields of the social work.

"The wide spectrum of the association’s activity has impressed us very much", said SPD party leader Wilhelm Dietzel. "It’s already very special how the local social work is complementary with the help in international crisis. We have a lot of respect for the big engagement of all employees."



Visit of the youth welfare department of the Main-Kinzig region



Assigned representative Matthias Zach, mayor Michael Göllner, manager Jochen Mahnke and the assistant head official of the department of socio-pedagogical professional services, Matthias Röder (from the left).





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