Practice and School


Support program to prevent dropouts of school



The support program Practice and School (PuSchB) is created to prevent an early dropout of school and helps students to achieve the Certificate of Secondary Education. The students get prepared for the transition from school to work. Equalisation and antidiscrimination are very important aspects in the project.


In this program the students do industrial placements during school time which are according to their interests.

The students are supported by pedagogues who support their individual potentials.



Target audience for PuSchB


Requirements for the participation in the program are sufficient knowledge about the German language and the will to really use this chance. Candidates have to have done 8 school years or be at least 14 years old. Teenagers without a Certificate of Secondary Education have to be 18 years or younger. Throughout the inclusion students with the right for a special needs education can be admitted to the program.
Students with significant learning disabilities, who wouldn’t be able to graduate in the normal school system, get the chance to graduate throughout this program.

The pedagogue Daniela Levien from the VSPM e.V. is responsible for the Beruflichen Schulen in Gelnhausen and this program.



Berufliche Schulen Gelnhausen
Johanna Sinsel
Graslitzerstraße 2-8
62571 Gelnhausen
Phone: +49 (0)6051/4813625



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