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With only 65 Cents per day, which is 20 Euro a month, you can give a child a future. We are as happy about a one-time donation as we are about regular donations or welcoming new members to our association.

For a one-time donation you can use the online donation function on our website.


Here’s our bank account:

Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE22550205000001363701



For regular donations you can fill in a direct debit mandate and send it to us.


PDF-Dokument [195.2 KB]


And of course we are always looking forward to welcoming new members at the VSPM e.V.
In the following you can find the membership application:

Mitgliedsantrag VSPM e.V.pdf
PDF-Dokument [103.9 KB]



You can also support our association when you go online shopping. Please register on and order through this website. There is no fee for you and we receive a small percental amount from the merchant.






Klicken Sie hier, um mehr über die Therapieangebote des VSPM e.V. zu erfahren.

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Bank für Sozialwirtschaft
IBAN: DE22550205000001363701



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